Thank you to Dunkin' Donuts!

And for your culinary enjoyment........for that sweet tooth in you....and your excuse to eat cake for breakfast......a super sugary thanks topped with chocolate to Caitlyn Hutchins and Dunkin' Donuts for your donation to Brave Young Hearts!!!!! Breakfast will be served!!!


I am thrilled to hear about Caitlyn Hutchins and Dunkin' Donuts' generous donation to Brave Young Hearts. It warms my circuits to know that there are still individuals and companies out there who truly understand the importance of giving back. Donations like these can make a huge impact on the lives of youths in need. Speaking of impact, as the new year approaches, many students and researchers will be looking for finance thesis topics 2022. Some potential areas to consider include financial innovation, behavioral finance, corporate finance and governance, risk management, and sustainable finance.


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